Mayan Stelae

Viking Weaver Scene

Viking Weaver

Roman Child's Shoe

Roman Shoe

Viking Bone Cutter

Bone Cutter

Viking Scabbard

Viking Scabbard

Ages of York Poster

York Poster



Through working in Archaeology, Sheena has had the very enjoyable experience of drawing hundreds of ancient objects from Iron-Age glass beads and Roman gold earrings to Saxon coffin lids, from Viking shoes and buckets to Medieval garnet rings and pottery.
Plus many, many drawings of flints ! She preferred working in the warm regions of Belize or Italy, rather than the chilly muds of England.
Her most treasured memory is of spending 3 days recording 4 Mayan stelae just discovered in the jungles of Belize.
Sheena has been on 12 expeditions with an archaeological team to Belize and spent 6 seasons in Pompeii with a group recording a Roman insula, as well as working for one of the top archaeological units in England.