Mexican Jungle






Having been fortunate enough to have experienced a jungle environment for many months over a period from 1974 to 2000,
not only was I able to take lots of photos, but I also did sketches and illustrated journals. These drawings have inspired me to do
a continuing series of paintings. Over the years we returned to the same area in Belize to work on the archaeological excavations
of Mayan sites there.
Sadly we were able to see the jungle surroundings change beyond recognition. From the lush exotic growth of a healthy forest cover
full of spider monkeys, parrots and enormous butterflies, year by year it was cut down for cattle pasture land and of course
the ecosystem has totally changed. Maybe this is similar to what contributed to the Maya collapse around 600AD.
It saddens me to think of that area and many more like it destroyed.
I think this is why I keep on drawing the jungle scenery. One day we might lose it all.